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An operational service that allows you to:

  • Reduce the worries and stress of a relocating employee and his entire family, by means of our personalised guidance. We help you overcome all the administrative obstacles resulting from company relocation, to enable a smooth and efficient transition into the new role.
  • Guarantee a successful relocation: a reassured spouse, receiving all the support s/he needs and fully integrating into the heart of his/her new community, is the key to the success of any relocation process. At TRANSWAY INTERNATIONAL, we have this aspect of the relocation process imbedded into our service.
  • Save time: our expertise and commitment provide a guarantee of a successful partnership.
  • Save money and optimise your budget: efficient know-how coupled with subsidies of € 1600 to 3200* result in dramatic reduction in your relocation costs.

* the subsidy provided by the state to all businesses subject to the 1% accommodation tax. See the “Mobility Benefits” section for more details.

TRANSWAY INTERNATIONAL is all of the following:

Tailor-made support and personalised advice for Directors of HR.

  • We operate a ‘one point of contact’ policy and provide you with a specialist adviser managing all the processes and relocation issues, both in France and abroad.
  • Local operators who make our job easier in every destination country.
  • Excellent knowledge of the Anglo-Saxon and Germanic cultures; local customs and traditions destined to provide the perfect “meet and greet” of your new hires from abroad.
  • We anticipate your every wish and your every query in order to instantly create an atmosphere of trust between us and provide you with the comfort of integration into your new life.
  • An established working method used by the syndicate of the relocation professionals.

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