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Our Business

TRANSWAY INTERNATIONAL is a relocation company created by Joëlle Brenner in 1990. Trained in Human Resources (a Masters degree in HR Management from the IAE, followed by her work experience at a recruitment consultancy), over the past 20 years Joëlle Brenner has tuned her working methods and built a proven track record of creating the perfect solutions to the problems faced by her clients, who primarily consist of Directors of Human Resources (“HR”).

Relying on the experience and know-how that Joëlle Brenner brings to the business, TRANSWAY INTERNATIONAL focuses only on the essential issues and has now built up a valuable business address-book consisting of a number of local partners, such as local businesses, real estate agencies, associations, institutional clients etc.

Our team, perfectly at ease working in English and German, as well as French, facilitates your comfortable integration in Alsace and provides a guarantee of hospitality.

Our strong network of contacts and the quality of experience make TRANSWAY INTERNATIONAL an absolute must-have in the world of relocation. For our clients, we are a guarantee of convincing results achieved in the shortest possible time.


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