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Mobility Benefits 

The mobile-pass

Mobility Benefits

State aid MOBILI-PASS® d'Action Logement is an accommodation subsidy for the maximum amount of € 1600, with a possibility of reaching € 3200 at the employer’s express agreement (only on the second tranche).

Who can benefit?

Any employee of a business with personnel of ten or more.

What are the terms and conditions?

The minimum distance between the previous and current residence should be at least 70 km.

The MOBILI-PASS® subsidy can only be used once every two years (starting from the recruitment date or the relocation date).

The demand should be handed in within six months of taking on the new job or changing the place of work and it should be supported by all the necessary paperwork.

The payment is issued upon presentation of the original receipts (agency fees, rental payments and other fees).


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