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Catherine LUX, Director of Human Resources, European Science Foundation (ESF)

I have worked with Joëlle Brenner over the past 20 years and have the highest esteem for the value of her relocation services. Calling on her services I see as the fundamental, and I mean indispensable, way to achieving a successful recruitment or relocation process of our international staff. A satisfied employee who on his/her first day of taking on the new function is clear of any organisational issues (such as accommodation, schooling for children, other admin procedures) means an employee who feels good about working for the company and who can start investing him-/herself into the new role instantly. It is a real advantage for everyone and on all levels.

Mrs Courties

Following the relocation of her family to Alsace from the US, Mr Courties, her husband, became Head of Marketing at Millipore.

Two words to sum up Joëlle BRENNER’s services: proactive and efficient.

The context:

We arrived from the United States at the end of July and wanted to find accommodation very quickly, ideally by September (knowing that house-hunting had to take place throughout August, a tricky period in France). Joëlle Brenner got in touch with us the day after we arrived in Strasbourg and offered to visit an apartment with us the following morning. This was a tailor-made visit that matched perfectly our expectations. She understood extremely well all our requirements in terms of size, location and the area. Simply in order to follow the process, we also visited a second apartment that day; however, the first one actually suited us perfectly.

Joëlle Brenner is someone direct and with a strict approach to things. She is capable of throwing herself into your project and instantly putting together a list of all the necessary contacts corresponding perfectly to your expectations; doing this in the shortest possible time... and making you enormously better off in the process!

Shira Tabachnikoff,Communications Manager, ESF

Originally American, I have lived in Europe for over 20 years. Before coming to Strasbourg with my family, we lived in Amsterdam. Moving abroad is always an adventure, more so when one doesn’t know anyone in the new place.

My husband and I made an appointment with Joëlle in order to discover Strasbourg and its various areas. We had to choose an area where we would have liked to live in order to allow Joëlle to find us an apartment there. A day with Joëlle is as though you had a month with someone else! She knows everything and she does everything quickly. She is good at explaining all the advantages and disadvantages of all Strasbourg areas. Energetic by nature, she was able to manage quickly all our problems and find solutions. Need to get the kids into a good school so that they could start in January (the conversation taking place in December)? – No problem: the Headmaster of the l’Ecole Européenne is a good acquaintance of Joëlle’s… We have no appointment? – Not an issue, we’ll try anyway. Five minutes after we sat down in front of the Headmaster two of our children were signed on. The third got into the l’Ecole Internationale in the same manner...

And that’s my experience of Joëlle; and I have since had many others which were similar. The tiniest question, the tiniest request – they were all resolved in no time at all.

Today we have settled in well in our beautiful flat. It was more expensive than others but Joëlle negotiated the rent and thanks to her we feel great here!

She went out of her way for us; Joëlle is a friend and only then the Head of Transway International!



A museum with a twist! The VITRA museum, specialising in office furniture, opened its doors in February 2010 targeting all the design-lovers. The new collection of furniture called “Home” sees the day in the new building, the VITRAHAUS. Built by the Swiss architects “Herzog et de Meuron”, it takes over from its two predecessors, by Frank Gehry et Zaha Hadid; four of the world’s leading experts, just a stone’s throw from Strasbourg, are not to be missed... Contemporary architecture and furniture to render you breathless! Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 10am to 6pm

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